Nassau Whisky

Discover now the original taste of Nassau Whisky. Order a tasting size of 0,05 l or a bottle of 0,7 l. You will love the deep amber gold color and smooth taste!

Taste your spirit of life


deep golden amber


smooth, with limits of honey and malt


pleasantly long, persistent, slightly smoky

Our Whisky

NASSAU SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT WHISKY is handcrafted in an old German distillery founded back in 1878 where skills and craftsmanship were passed among family over generations.

About us

Almost everyone has its own story and here is ours:


“Once upon the time was salesman from Germany in travel with North American partner, from North to South and from East to West of Continental US, with aim to promote and build up German products and brands.


Among the products was German Gin, handcrafted and highly awarded world wide. Both  of them thought it should have been an easy promotion of such product and they proudly have presented in person this Handcrafted Gin in Rochester NY, to buyer with background of over 250 chain like stores in several Northern States.


The buyer looked German salesman and said: “My German gentleman, you have not completed your homework as of yet, in promoting and selling spirits in America. The sales in my stores are 15 times higher in category of other spirits but Gin, just so you know. If you bring me a German Single Malt Whisky, we can talk about your Gin as well.”


After this presentation , on way back to NJ, this German salesman and his American partner decided to finish homework and NASSAU SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT GERMAN WHISKY , has been born. First batches were crafted a month later.”


NASSAU SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT GERMAN WHISKY is handcrafted in “Henrich Habel” old German Destillerie & Brennerei founded in 1878. Ever since “Henrich Habel” distillery keeps on tradition in manufacturing handcrafted single malts with attention to detail and taste.

In 1977 Herr. Habel launched “Uralter Whisky” brand which is the oldest whisky in Germany. This whisky has been awarded on numerous trade shows all over the world, for it’s quality and taste.

Our Products

Nassau Single Malt Whisky
0,7 l Bottle

0,7 l — 40% VOL.
Base price: 57,00 €/ Liter


Nassau Single Malt Whisky
0,05 l Sample size

0,05 l — 40% VOL.
Base price: 78,00 €/ Liter


Nassau Single Malt Whisky
6 x 0,05 l Multipack

6 x 0,05 l — 40% VOL.
Base price: 138,00 €/ Liter


Nassau FREE
0,5 l Bottle

0,5 l
Base price: 49,80 €/ Liter